Best High Street Deployment

Iceland Foods | Signagelive

Iceland Foods wanted to grow and diversify its customer base into their 800 stores. They undertook an extensive refurbishment programme to modernise and improve their customer’s experience.

Signagelive was selected to deliver Iceland’s current and future in-store digital media requirements with the ability to balance scalability, ease of use and scheduling content irrespective of the number of connected players.

Signagelive provided consultancy/implementation support, including recommendations to refine the media management and publishing process.

The positive impact of the digital transformation included a 700% increase in sales of high-margin products and an increase in store footfall by over 50%.

  • Software: Signage Live/Route Monkey
  • Display Technology: Samsung
  • Content created by: Thrive Creative
  • Installer: Lumino AV
  • Client/End User: Iceland Foods

Halifax Bank: Oxford Street Flagship | Pixel Inspiration

Halifax Bank opened their digital-focussed flagship branch on New Oxford Street in June 2018. Within the branch sits four key propositions; the kid’s zone, the travel zone, the home hub and the café.

The kid’s zone includes a range of solutions including Samsung tablets running a custom built app that hosts games and educational learning and a child-friendly coin counting machine with dynamically triggered content.

The travel zone features a unique 360ᵒ digital touch globe, connected up to tablets from which customers can research potential holidays.

The home hub includes four large touch-tables and stunning LED display, all aimed at educating customers on house purchases.

The café features a 98” display showing a mixture of advertising content and TV.

  • Software: SCALA and Pixel Inspiration custom-built apps
  • Display Technology: NEC, Dynascan, Philips & Pufferfish
  • Content created by: HHG and Pixel Inspiration
  • Ad Agency: HHG
  • Installer: Pixel Inspiration
  • Client/End User: Halifax Bank

Best QSR or Bar Deployment

Chipotle | Beaver Group

We furnished the Chipotle estate with a varied and adaptive array of digital menu and promotional screen solutions, fit to the specifics of an individual site basis to fully enhance the spaces available to us.

Rolling out digital displays and replacing print, our partnership with Chipotle enhanced their stores across the continent – from the UK to France, and into Germany! From dynamic menu boards tailored to the customer journey – outlining meal-build options and promotional day-part offers – to day-bright window displays in bespoke housings, the range is vast and strengthens the Chipotle brand on a street level.

  • Software:
  • Display Technology: Samsung DC32E, DC40E / Philips 32BDL4050D, 43BDL4050D / Dynascan DS491LT4
  • Content Created By: Beaver Group
  • Ad Agency: Beaver Group
  • Media Specialist: Beaver Group
  • Installer – Beaver Group
  • Client/End User – Chipotle

SSP – Counter-top Displays | Beaver Group

Beaver Group were asked by SSP to provide a unique counter-top solution to their railway and airport bar units.

We installed 10″ AOpen Chromebase counter displays. Because each bar was its own mini ‘brand’ – content was tailored for each location, but can all be managed by the central SSP CMS system.

The solution we provided allows bars to engage customers at the point of purchase; with a scalable and easily managed solution.

Situated in prime viewing areas at each bar, the counter-top displays are a perfect addition to the environment, reducing clutter and offering flexible future options.

  • Software: (by Beaver Group)
  • Display Technology: AOPEN Chromebase Mini
  • Content created by: SSP / Beaver Group
  • Ad Agency: Beaver Group
  • Media Specialist: Beaver Group
  • Installer: Beaver Group
  • Client/End User: SSP

Best Overall Retail Experience

WH Smith: Gatwick Airport Flagship | Pixel Inspiration

A name synonymous with British retail, WH Smith launched a new airport flagship at Gatwick in December 2017. Pixel were brought in to provide a range of digital solutions.

With an 18/7 operating cycle, it was key that any hardware used was fit for purpose and provided the quality expected from the millions of monthly passengers.  

A mix of end of aisle stretch displays, videowalls (ranging from 2 screens up to 7) and queue navigation displays were installed, each designed to tackle a key issue and to provide plenty of canvas to push key deals and product ranges.

As always, SCALA media players power content across the store.

  • Software: SCALA
  • Display Technology: NEC, Sharp and Samsung
  • Content created by: WH Smith, animated by Pixel Inspiration
  • Installer: Pixel Inspiration
  • Client/End User: WH Smith

KIA Russia | Scala x

Scala digital signage drives communications with customers in redesigned KIA dealerships through multiscreen video walls, standalone displays and interactive kiosks. The project grew from three pilot dealerships to encompassing all of the KIA dealers in Russia, totalling 180 dealerships equipped with 540 Media Players, driving over 500 different sized screens connected to the main KiaTV broadcasting system.

  • Software: Scala
  • Display Technology: LG
  • Content created by: Dismart Russia
  • Media Specialist: Dismart Russia
  • Installer: Dismart Russia
  • Client/End User: KIA Motors Russia

Harvey Nichols Flagship | Esprit Digital

Esprit Digital designed a variety of digital solutions for the Harvey Nichols Flagship store in Doha, Qatar. These included LED arch windows, LED column wraps, interactive LED floor, interactive mirror, touch directory totems, atrium displays, video walls and interactive tables. Each solution was designed to complement the store’s extremely high-end finish. This project has given Harvey Nichols an exciting and modern way to attract people into the store and then engage with them in a fully immersive way whilst in store which fulfils and exceeds the brief.

Suppliers and software providers featured in this project include Broadsign, Samsung and infiLED

Best Mall or Shopping Centre

Selfridges: Trafford Centre Beauty Totems | Pixel Inspiration

Needing a total of 22 custom-built digital totems for their new look ‘Beauty Hall’ at the Trafford Centre, Selfridges approached Pixel in late 2017.

We set to work immediately with the client and partners on designing a 7ft tall, 8-screen, dual-sided totem fit for such a luxurious locale. Each totem allowed for brands to add their own unique stamp by offering a custom coloured finish.

8no NECV464-UNV3 screens were used per totem, along with NEC’s slot-in player to provide a robust, quality technical solution. A secondary player was installed to each unit and our development team wrote bespoke script that means should the primary fail, the secondary automatically takes control of playback, leading to a solution with great reliability.

  • Software: Scala
  • Display Technology: NEC
  • Content created by: Large mix of agencies, with Pixel Inspiration amending where needed
  • NA Installer: Pixel Inspiration
  • Client/End User: Selfridges and 22 beauty brands.

Unibail-Rodamco Westfield London | Trueform Digital

As an instrumental part of Westfield’s £600 million retail expansion, Trueform Digital manufactured and installed 170 slimline digital advertising pods throughout Westfield’s flagship London shopping centre at White City.

The iconically designed pods comprise a range of 49”, 55” and 75” double sided indoor and outdoor digital displays, incorporating digital advertising, interactive touch screens and CCTV cameras.  The units utilise Trueform’s ‘Fusion’ smart technology thermal management engines with remote monitoring, diagnostic and repair capabilities.

Trueform’s scope included in-house design, engineering, technology, manufacture, assembly, installation, commissioning and project management, all from Trueform’s London based manufacturing and technology centre – a full turn-key digital signage design and build service.

  • Software: Broadsign on Windows 10 IOT
  • Display Technology: Samsung LTI750 4K 600 Nit, Samsung FHD 3000 Nit Outdoor, LG UH5C 4K 500 Nit, all with Trueform’s Fusion thermal management engine.
  • Content created by: Unibail-Rodamco Westfield
  • Ad Agency:- Exterion Media
  • Media Specialist:- Exterion Media
  • Installer:- Trueform Digital
  • Client/End User:- Unibail-Rodamco Westfield

PEP Shopping Centre, Munich | Esprit Digital

Esprit Digital designed, manufactured and installed wayfinding kiosks into one of the largest shopping centers in Germany. A number of interactive kiosk displays were installed into the center providing wayfinding and additional information services. The solutions are fully bespoke, featuring illuminated side strips and push through backlit logos, blending superbly into their environment.

Smart Space provided the wayfinding content for the units and the displays were Esprit built. The end user is the shopping center customers at the PEP Mall which is owned by ECE Projektmanagement.

Best Building Install

Victoria and Albert Museum Redesign | Scala

As part of an ambitious Exhibition Road entrance redesign, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) turned to Intevi and Scala to make its vision of a large-scale digital ticketing desk and video wall a reality. The video wall, enabled by Scala, is made up of eight 55’’ screens and supports independent touch. Visitors can learn more about specific exhibitions or events and purchase tickets on screen.

  • Software: Scala
  • Display Technology: LG
  • Content created by: V&A Museum
  • Media Specialist: Intevi
  • Installer: Intevi
  • Client/End User: V&A Museum

Lulea Ice Hockey Stadium, Sweden | Bright Group / infiLED

Bright Group designed a bespoke technology solution, displayed by an infiLED LED screen that is made up of almost 150 square meters, comprised of 150 ER 6.94mm pixel pitch Indoor LED screens, of which 64 has specialised 3 degrees chamfered edges for the outer ring, plus 146 x ER 6.64mm pixel pitch Indoor LED screens, of which 60 has specialised 3 degrees chamfered edges for the inner ring.

infiLED also installed 240 special angled mounting brackets to hang the screen in the arena, all of which has made it a highly iconic LED installation, being the first double reverse sided loop display in an Ice Hockey Stadium

  • Display Technology: infiLED ER 6.94mm
  • Installer: Bright Group Sweden
  • Client/End User: Lulea HF Ice Hockey Team

Best Street Furniture  

Pikasso Digital Network Ivory Coast | Trueform Digital

Trueform Digital has manufactured and deployed slimline digital advertising pods throughout Cap Sud and Cosmos Yopougon retail parks, Abidjan Cote D’Lvoire for Pikasso.

Consolidating Pikasso’s position as leading Out of Home advertisers throughout Levant and North Africa, the elegant digital furniture incorporates double sided 75” digital displays, CCTV cameras and digital signage analytics and interactivity, utilising Trueform’s ‘Fusion’ smart technology thermal management engines with remote monitoring, diagnostic and repair capabilities.

Trueform’s scope included in-house design, engineering, technology, manufacture, assembly, commissioning and project management, all from Trueform’s London based manufacturing and technology centre – a full turn-key digital signage design and build service.

  • Software: Broadsign and Quividi on Windows 10 IOT
  • Display Technology: Samsung LTI750 4K 600 Nit with Trueform’s Fusion thermal management engine
  • Installer: Pikasso
  • Client/End User: Pikasso

Faneuil Hall, Boston | Esprit Digital

Esprit Digital were selected to provide a set of touchscreen outdoor digital information totems for Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston.  A total of 7 units were installed, 4-off 55” double-sided units and 3-off 46” double-sided units. The screens were manufactured to work from -20°C to +40°C by Esprit Digital in IP65 Rated enclosure cassettes.  The external design features bronzed logos, a unique totem shape and rustic colourings, all fitting seamlessly into this historic area.

The totems are fully weather and vandal proof operating 24/7 in Boston’s freezing temperatures providing customers with local information, advertisements and wayfinding through Broadsign software.

New World Payphones West End Roll Out | Clear Channel

The start of 2018 saw the New World Payphones roll out across London’s West End. But it isn’t just a story of new street furniture, but also a tale of helping to declutter the streets of the capital.

The initial roll out has placed 29 kiosks in the West End, but more importantly 124 of the old, unloved kiosks will have been removed by the end of this year.

The highly functional new kiosks bring essential way-finding, Wi-Fi and telephony services, all offered at no cost to the public, and for every new kiosk, we’ve planted a tree.

  • Display Technology: Amscreen
  • Installer: Twenty Twelve Civils

Most Innovative Use of Technology

Dulux | Ocean Outdoor

Dulux invited citizens of London and Amsterdam to add colour to each other’s lives, using a live link connecting the two European capitals, powered by Ocean’s international alliance and the latest digital out of home technology. Created by MullenLowe London, this campaign pushed the boundaries in digital out of home (DOOH) advertising. Participants were invited to colour the most famous art galleries in each city such as Trafalgar Square in London and Museumstraat in Amsterdam, choosing from a variety of colours from the Dulux paint palette. Each masterpiece was showcased on the individuals’ home DOOH screen, where it appeared alongside a selfie or image of themselves, their national flag and their name.

  • Media Owner: Ocean Outdoor
  • Software: A web based browser application
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Content created by: MullenLowe
  • Client/End User : Dulux

Diageo – Dynamic | JCDecaux (& others)

Diageo’s dynamic campaign across JCDecaux’s LDN network promoted Gordons, Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, Smirnoff and Smirnoff Cider with each brand’s activity triggered by several unique data sets and criteria. Each brand campaign had its own location criteria plus additional triggers such as weather and time of day, giving the spirit brands OOH presence throughout the rest of the year, with the added ability to react to key moments that matter to each individual product.

  • Ad Agency: Carat
  • Media Specialist: Posterscope


3D Digital Coke Bottle, Tanzania | Ashton Media

Ashton Media Tanzania has successfully installed an ICONIC 3D digital screen early 2018 in the shape of an 8m high bottle for its client, CocaCola in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is the first of its kind in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Various creative campaigns have also been displayed on the 3D digital screen including visual display of Flags of various countries based on matches of the day during the World Cup 2018.

  • Display Technology: Flexible LED
  • Content created by: Ashton Media Tanzania
  • Ad Agency: Scanad Tanzania
  • Installer: Ashton Media Tanzania
  • Client/End User: CocaCola

Best Transport Install or Campaign

DX3 Launch | Exterion Media & TfL

Exterion Media and TfL recently launched DX3 – 60 new digital cross-track displays across the London Underground network. The displays host dynamic, full-motion content, which customers are able to watch when standing on station platforms across 16 different Tube stations within Zone 1 and Zone 2. Working alongside Exterion’s growing full-motion digital portfolio, DX3 has established itself as a credible home for video ads, working alongside cinema, TV and online.

Software: Broadsign
Display Technology: NEC
Installer: telent
Client/End User: TfL

Aeroporti di Roma – Le Chandelier | Samsung

Samsung has collaborated with Clear Channel and Aeroporti Di Roma to meet the needs of creating a symbolic installation of digital and technological innovation, which blends perfectly with the environment in which it is located, the front of the “E” boarding area, capturing the passengers’ attention with an unprecedented image resolution and design.

Le Chandelier structure is made of a central body positioned at 13.3m from the ground with 12 extendable arms. It’s been manufactured by SIMTEC Systems and each arm supports one of the 12 Samsung P4 LED screens (each of them of 90” in size).

  • Display Technology: 12 modules of P4 Prismview LED (a Samsung company)
  • Media Specialist: Clear Channel
  • Installer:  SIMTEC (also designed the project)
  • Client/End User: Rome Airport

Best Interactive Campaign

            Give DIFFerently | Clear Channel                         

Clear Channel and Cowshed, with a little help from Rugby legend Sam Warburton OBE, created a one-off installation to help tackle homelessness in Cardiff.

The impressive store-front featured an interactive screen which allowed passers-by to make a £2 contactless donation to FOR Cardiff, who distribute grants to front-line services helping tackle homelessness in the city.

Sam was the campaign’s star, featuring on the screens to draw in people to make donations, as well as making the first donation at the campaign’s press launch, alongside a local councillor from the council.

  • Software: Self Service Technology/10 Squared
  • Display Technology: Self Service Technology/10 Squared/Skratch
  • Content Created by: Cowshed PR/Clear Channel
  • Agency: Cowshed PR
  • Installer: Skratch AV/Clear Channel
  • Client: FOR Cardiff

Sky Ocean Rescue | Ocean Outdoor

Conceived by WCRS, Sky Ocean Rescue: The Ocean’s Biggest Threat, is an interactive campaign ran in Summer 2018 at Westfield London with a domination of Ocean’s spectacular large format full motion digital out of home screen in Eat Streetto mark World Plastic Bag Free Day . The aim was to encourage passers-by to discover what the most menacing danger lurking in the Ocean is by using their mobile phone as a torch and by filling the screen with the silhouette of a menacing, deep sea creature, accompanied by the headline “Discover the ocean’s biggest threat”.

  • Media Owner: Ocean
  • Software: Web GL
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Content created by: WCRS
  • Client/End User : Sky Ocean Rescue

                LEGO ‘Masters The Force’ | Limited Space

Looking to inspire kids through amazing experiences and creative play, LEGO recently created an engaging interactive campaign using in-mall digital screens. Using gesture sensor technology to mimic ‘The Force’, the campaign encouraged engagement with LEGO Star Wars sets by challenging shoppers to build spaceships from on-screen bricks. They also included a photo opportunity with Star Wars characters, prompting social sharing.

In total, the campaign saw 2,797 interactions (where someone had chosen a side) across the week. This added up to 5,594 minutes of gameplay, constituting 68% of the total time that both shopping centres were open.

  • Software: ORBBEC Astra Pro 3D Camera
  • Display Technology: 9x NEC MultiSync X551UN (Total 165” display). 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Content created by: Grand Visual
  • Ad Agency: Initiative
  • Media Specialist: Rapport
  • Installer: VisionPoint
  • Client/End User: LEGO

Best Digital Out of Home Campaign

Blue Planet Aquarium | Admedia

Blue Planet Aquarium’s campaign objective was to take advantage of the huge spike across the UK’s Motorway Services network during the school summer holiday period and only promote exhibitions and facilities that are appropriate to the variable British weather, in real-time.

The clever campaign, displayed on the Admedia Nexus D48 network, includes two vibrant full-motion creatives, which are displayed depending on specific weather conditions. The first creative Beat the Heat plays during hot weather, promoting frosty refreshments and cool sharks. In contrast, when it begins to rain, Nexus’s digital technology triggers the rain-specific creative Jurassic Shark, ensuring contextual relevance.

The campaign idea/solution was inspired and executed by agency Buy Me Media.

  • Software: SCALA
  • Display Technology:SD-10
  • Installer: SIS Digital
  • Content created by: Tracey Moy
  • Ad Agency: Buy Me Media
  • Client/End User: Blue Planet Aquarium


 Sky Transfer Deadline Day | Outdoor Plus

Sky Sports, the undisputed home of Deadline Day for audiences within the home; but how could they extend this reach to fans on the move?

In a media first, we gave Sky control of our premium screens, enabling them to report live minute by minute football news across London.    All the latest rumours, developing stories, breaking news and completed deals were showcased as it happened across 24 premium Digital OOH locations.

Sky’s dominance across the capital during Deadline Day helped to cement them as the home of transfer news; in and Out of Home.

  • Display Technology:  Outdoor Plus / UniLED
  • Content created by: Sky
  • Media Specialist: Rapport
  • Client  :  Sky

O2 ‘Oops’ | VCCP

O2’s award-winning ‘Oops’ campaign delivered big-city branding across digital OOH on multiple formats UK-wide. The ‘cracked screen’ creative captured that sinking ‘oops’ feeling when someone drops their mobile phone, showcased across the most iconic OOH locations in the UK including Motion at Waterloo station and London’s Cromwell Road.

The campaign also used mobile data and lifestyle analysis to pinpoint locations where people might drop their phones, targeting busy shoppers in malls and high-streets and rush-hour commuters with digital 6-sheets across roadside, rail and retail channels.

  • Agency: Havas
  • Media Specialist: Posterscope

Best Original Digital Billboard

Two Towers Manchester | Ocean Outdoor 

This location is Manchester’s first ever Two Towers® digital out of home (DOOH) structure, and dominates The Mancunian Way reading an audience of 3.6 million people every two weeks. The two double-sided synchronised digital screens on the city’s busiest arterial route, target commuters, local business people and residents travelling along the elevated section of the A57. The iconic Two Towers® digital out-of-home structure gets brands noticed in the North.

  • Media Owner: Ocean Outdoor
  • Landlord: Manchester City Council

Storm Glasgow Argyle Street | Clear Channel

Located in the heart of Glasgow’s “Style Mile”, Storm Argyle Street is the latest addition to Clear Channel’s leading premium large-format portfolio.

The screen and bespoke lighting gives brands the opportunity to own full hours of display in close proximity to three of the city’s key shopping streets – Argyle Street, Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street – as well as St Enoch’s and Princes Square Shopping Centres.

The 5.49 meter by 3.66 meter, high-resolution Ultravision LED display is with within walking distance of three train stations, including Glasgow Central, which saw 38 million visitors in 2017.

  • Software: UniLED
  • Display Technology: Ultravision
  • Installer:  Concept Sign and Display Ltd

The Kensington | JCDecaux

JCDecaux commissioned the globally renowned Zaha Hadid Design to create a landmark advertising structure in London that integrates public art, contemporary design and digital media. The Kensington provides brands with a unique communications’ channel in the capital that combines the latest in digital screen technology with a spectacular, curved double-ribbon stainless steel design.

The launch clients are Audi (in partnership with Talon and PHD) and Coty (planned and booked through Zenith and Posterscope).